Which body involving 5 nations held it’s 6th Environment Minister’s meeting on 30th July?

BRICS Environment Ministers Meeting 2020

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Body involving 5 nations held it’s 6th Environment Minister’s meeting

Question 3: Which body involving 5 nations held it's 6th Environment Minister's meeting on 30th July?
Answer: BRICS

Question 4: Anil Murali the legendary actor who passed away at the age of 51 was a veteran in which film industry?
Answer: Malayalam

Question 5: The Barakah nuclear power plant, the first nuclear power station in the Arabian Peninsula, is located in which country?
Answer: UAE

And if you missed:

Question 1: Which of these veteran all rounders who played for the Knight Riders from 2011-2013, recently retired?
Answer: Rajat Bhatia

Question 2: Defense Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) has developed what medical bed isolation system to combat COVID-19?
Answer: Aashray

BRICS is the body composed by the 5 major emerging nations- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS held it’s 6th Environment Ministers’ Meeting on 30th July 2020 through a video conference under the presidency of Russia.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar participated in 6th Environment Minister’s meeting. He showed India’s efforts in controlling Air pollution. In 2015 India launched the Air Quality index monitoring in 10 cities, today it has been extended to 122 cities. He also informed that India last year launched the National Clean Air Program, and targets to reduce particulate pollution by 20-30 percent by 2024. 

Next year in 2021, India will assume the BRICS Presidency.

You can read more about on BRICS official website.

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