Which Amazon program assists Indian home-grown start-ups build a brand?

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Hello Friends, as part of the Independence Day Quiz, amazon has asked this quiz question. Let’s see if you know the answer. This question is about an Amazon program that helps Indian Start-ups launch.

Amazon program to assists Indian home-grown start-ups

Question: Which Amazon program assists Indian home-grown start-ups to build a brand etc.?

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Correct Answer: Amazon Launchpad

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Amazon Launchpad is a unique program that showcases cutting-edge products from startups to millions of Amazon customers.

Benefits of Amazon Launchpad for Start-ups

Amazon Launchpad program assists Indian home-grown start-ups to do various things such as Launch Support, Marketing & Visibility, build a brand, etc.

Onboarding Optimizing – As part of Amazon Launchpad, companies receive benefits such as In-house Brand Consultantslaunch checklistAccess to a Sponsored Products advisor for launching their products.

Launch Marketing – Once the startup is onboard, Amazon Launchpad will help improve the discoverability of the products. For these, they have dedicated product placements space such as Launchpad category page, New Release, Home page, etc.

Business Insights – Amazon sells millions of products in the world. Amazon Launchpad helps start-ups with business insights that will help them optimize their marketing mix.

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