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Hello Friends, here are the answers to today’s Amazon UPI Quiz 2020. The quiz covers the topic of Amazon Pay and instructions on what is needed to setup Amazon Pay UPI.

What is needed to setup Amazon Pay UPI? – Answer

Question 5:What is needed to setup Amazon Pay UPI?

Answer:-See the Correct Answer

And if you have missed:

Question 1: Which of the following can be done via Amazon Pay UPI?
Answer:-All of the above

Question 2: With Amazon Pay UPI, you can send money to?
Answer:-All of these

Question 3: Where does money gets credited when you send money through Amazon Pay UPI to another UPI handle?
Answer:-Bank account linked to receiver's UPI handle

Question 5: What is needed to setup Amazon Pay UPI?
Answer:-Bank Account Number

Amazon has a partnership with Axis Bank for online payments through UPI. You can now set up the UPI through Amazon and create your personal UPI ID with “@apl” suffix. For example, we can create our amazon pay UPI id as expertdealz@apl.

Things you will need:

To setup the Amazon pay UPI you will need the following details:

  • A Savings bank Account
  • Last 6 digits of your Debit card from this bank.
  • A smartphone with the same phone number as registered in your bank account.

Instructions to Setup Amazon Pay UPI?

  1. First open Amazon Pay dashboard in Amazon mobile App.
  2. Click on Get started button or Scroll down and select Amazon Pay UPI.
  3. If you have multiple SIMs in your phone, it will ask you to select the SIM card associated with your bank account.
  4. Verify your mobile number. Allow Amazon to send an SMS and read it to verify your mobile number
  5. Once you verify your mobile number, your bank account details will be securely displayed on your screen. Click Link Bank Account to link it.
  6. Verify your debit card details by entering last 6 digits of your debit card number and expiry date of your debit card. Tap Set your UPI PIN and follow the instructions to set your secure UPI PIN.

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