‘The Class of 83′ is an upcoming crime drama movie, starring which of these actors?

Class of 83 Movie
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The Class of 83′ – an Upcoming Crime Drama Movie

Question 4: The Class of 83′ is an upcoming crime drama movie, starring which of these actors?
Answer:-Bobby Deol

Question 5: Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly formed to write the Constitution of India?
Answer:-BR Ambedkar

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The Class of 83 is an upcoming crime drama movie, starring the actors Bobby Deol as Dean Vijay Singh of the police academy.

The Class of 83 movie poster

Class of ’83 is less dramatised than Aurangzeb, its tone more akin to Kashyap’s docudrama approach to his masterpiece. It does not play out as a suspense thriller, but as a matter-of-fact chronicle of actual events — precise, concise, credible and as tightly drawn as a leash stretched just short of breaking point.” A reviewer said.

Class of ’83 demands close attention while watching. As it happens, that attention is not hard to give because the director and editors keep the proceedings riveting at all times.

Class of 83 Trailer

You can read more details about the film on IMDb.

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