Bathynomus raksasa – The 14 legged sea cockroach discovered by researchers in this ocean

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Bathynomus raksasa – Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 2: Bathynomus raksasa is the name of the 14 legged sea cockroach recently discovered by researchers in which ocean?
Answer:-Indian Ocean

Question 3: The third unit of the Kakrapar Atomic Power Project (KAPP-3) recently achieved its 'first criticality'. Which Indian state is it in?

Question 4: Which smartphone recently became the first ever phone in the world to be launched via an Augmented Reality event?
Answer:- One Plus Nord

Question 5: Lalji Tandon, who recently passed away at 85, was the presiding governor of which state?
Answer:- Madhya Pradesh

Bathynomus raksasa is a 14 legged sea cockroach recently discovered by researchers in Indian ocean. A team of researchers from Singapore first found the sea cockroach in the unexplored waters of the Indian Ocean.

This sea cockroach measures around 50 centimetres in length, which is big for an isopod. Due to its large size, Bathynomus raksasa is also called “cockroach of the sea”.

Until now, the scientific community knew a total of five supergiant species, two of which are found in the western Atlantic. This is the first one to be found in Indian Ocean. Read more about Giant isopods on Wiki.

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