Amazon Quiz Answers – 7 May 2020 Win Rs 10,000

Amazon Quiz answers win Rs 10000

Question 1: Which of the following movies starring Irrfan Khan won the Oscar for Best Picture?
Answer:- Slumdog Millionaire

Question 2: The largest car making manufacturing plant in the world recently resumed operations in Wolfsburg, Germany. Which company operates it?

Question 3: On 1st May 2020, which country reached the top of the ICC T20I rankings for the first time since the rankings were introduced?

Question 4: Which of these critically endangered animals was recently spotted at Kolkata ghats after almost 30 years?
Answer:- Gangetic Dolphon

Question 5: How do we better know the viral meme where a group of Ghanian pallbearers can be seen dancing to the tune of Astronomia??
Answer:- Coffin Dance