Amazon Quiz Answers – 30 April 2020

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Question 1: Which of these is a real time statistics website owned and operated by Dadax, which has come to prominence during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Answer:- Worldometer

Question 2: 'Innovate for a Green Future' is the 2020 slogan for which day that is to be observed on April 26th?
Answer:-World Intellectual Property Day

Question 3: Every bowler wants to see the bails/stumps flying through the air after the ball has been delivered. What happens when the ball hits the stump directly from the bowler?

Question 4: In which country would you find Uluru or Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation surrounded by springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient paintings?
Answer:- Australia

Question 5: Which of these personalities were an Indian diplomat and the first female president of the United Nations general assembly?
Answer:- Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit