Amazon Quiz Answers – 24 May 2020

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Vivo S1

Blue Umbrella Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: The Blue Umbrella‘, ‘The Angry River‘ and ‘A Flight of Pigeons‘ are books written by which author born on 19th May?
Answer:- Ruskin Bond

Question 2: This app introduced by Google, crossed 50 million downloads in May 2020 and has a tab focused presentation mode. Which app is it?

Question 3: Ambikapur, Rajkot, Surat, Mysore, Indore and Navi Mumbai were the only cities to receive which of these statuses from the government?
Answer:-Five star garbage free cities

Question 4: Since March 27, at 8 PM every day the Eiffel Tower sparkles for an extra 10 minutes, displaying what message?
Answer:- Merci (Thank you)

Question 5: National Anti-Terrorism Day in India is observed on the death anniversary of which famous Indian?
Answer:- Rajiv Gandhi