Amazon Quiz Answers: 18 April 2020

Amazon Quiz to win GoPro Hero 8

Question 1: The Painter Prince Is A Book Based On Which Famous Painter Born In The Month Of April, 1848?
Answer:- Raja Ravi Varma

Question 2: Which Of These Was The First Summer Olympics To Be Cancelled In The 20th Century

Question 3: How Do We Better Know The Ruler Maharana Sangram Singh Sisodia Born On 12th April, 1482 Who Fought Against The Lodhi Dynasty?
Answer:-Rana Sanga

Question 4: Which Of These Drugs Currently In The News Is Also Sold Under The Brand Name Plaquenil And Is Used For Treatment Of Malaria?
Answer:- Hydroxychloroquine

Question 5: ‘The Unsung Warrior’ Is The Tagline Of Which Bollywood Movie Released In January 2020?
Answer:- Tanhaji

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