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Amazon India has launched Amazon Pay UPI Quiz. The quiz contains total of 5 questions related to Amazon’s UPI Payment system. Answer correctly, and you can win Rs 10,000. The Quiz is live from 21 August 2020 till 9 September 2020.
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Answers of Amazon Pay UPI Quiz:

Quick summary of all 5 Answers

Question 1: Which of the following can be done via Amazon Pay UPI?
Answer:-All of the above

Question 2: With Amazon Pay UPI, you can send money to?
Answer:-All of these

Question 3: Where does money gets credited when you send money through Amazon Pay UPI to another UPI handle?
Answer:-Bank account linked to receiver's UPI handle

Question 4: Which of the below is needed to pay anyone via Amazon Pay UPI?
Answer:-UPI PIN

Question 5: What is needed to setup Amazon Pay UPI?
Answer:-A Bank Account Number

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