Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Toady – April 11 2020 – Win Xbox One S gaming console

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Question 1: The daughter of Gokuladas and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia born on this date (11 April) in 1869 was the mother to Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. Who was she?
Answer:- Kasturba Gandhi

Question 2: Dr. Balram Bhargava is the current Director-General of which Government of India institution?

Question 3: Which group video chatting app, which has recently had a sudden burst of popularity was launched by Life on Air, Inc. in 2016?

Question 4: Dzongkha is the national and official language of which neighbouring country of India?
Answer:- Bhutan

Question 5: Which global institution recently issued 'Pandemic Bonds' for the first time to raise money for the COVID-19 crisis?
Answer:- World Bank

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